Company owner:    Mr. Smajl Karamujic, (graduated engineer, Msc)

2000:                      Graduation to civil engineer (Master of Science) at Graz                                University of Technology (Faculty of Civil Engineering)                                in Austria

2001-2004:              Employment as Structural Engineer / Project Manager in                                the company „Zivilingenieurbüro Rath“ in Mürzzuschlag                                in Austria. Elaboration of structural analyses for more                                than 250 different civil construction projects in Austria.

2004-2013:              Employment by Austrian second largest construction                                corporation “ALPINE Bau GmbH“.

                               From 10/2004 to 06/2008 working in technical                                department for South East Europe.

                               Since 06/2008 to 07/2013 working as Head of the                                internal technical office for Balkan (Slovenia, Croatia,                                Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro,                                Macedonia, Albania).

2013-2014:              Education for Master Builder at Construction Academy in                                Salzburg. Obtainment of the Austrian design and                                construction licences.

2014:                       10/2014 Foundation of the own company „SK-Europe                                Construction e.U.“ in Wals near Salzburg in Austria.

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